= Questions de gosse = Comment ça marchait, un commutateur téléphonique d’un village français dans les années 1980 ? Combien de personnes l’utilisaient ? Elles parlaient de quoi ? Et pourquoi ces téléphones avec la roue qui tourne pour composer un numéro ? Et pourquoi la tonalité occupée ? Et pourquoi les numéros passent un jour de   Read More …

A personal debrief about Focus Manager ,)

The manifesto is trendy and this one catched attention. Quite the testimony of contemporary debates.

Good old esoteric books. As I’m reading Jonathan Black after Aknin, this is making more sound than noise now.

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What are html5 video players Short answer They let you use the new Video API for audio&video files in the browser. Long answer A few years ago the one and only solution was Flash to display videos on the Net. Flash has therefore a lot of good features by now but one has to admit   Read More …

I like it !

Lots of android these days.

Looking forward to stream from an Android  camera to a Socket. Here are a bunch of links found on the web.

A few links