Links about Openstack, video in wordpress and stuff…

Debian Openstack

After a good bit of testing OpenStack on my laptop, oh boy was it frustrating, it’s time to go for a realworld deployment.
Openstack pour Debian

Opensource video transcoder and wordpress

As we’re on the verge of finally working out a video transcoder, we found out making it a wordpress plugin would be awesome.
Plugin video WordPress
Video Press
Themes video wordpress
Also, it seems we should think about interoperability with AWS transcoder API


The guys at LaPaillasse are working with that. Could be fun.
Clustalw MPI

Twitter JS Framework

Yet another one, but it could be fun to dig it a bit too. Not your grandmother’s framework I guess.

Semantic Web

Big news. It’s not dead yet.
Semantic Web

Photo by Danny K Boyd

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