Lots of cool this week.

On the JS Frameworks front, Ember.js seeks for ecosystem growth and become user friendly. At the same time, I’ve read this rant about the web being silly rewriting everything again forever with micro libs as opposed to using the Cappucino project.

Lots of cool Cloudish links. I’ve tried the Proxmox distribution< / Virtual Environment/a> which offers the ability to easily distribute Virtual Machines with no accounting. Which is extra cool for people who want to share a server with others in a free manner.
I’ve heard about
the DocumentCloud application, made for everyone dealing with large data pools.
Also the Discourse software available on github made by Jeff Atwood in Ruby, Atwood being the guy being StackOverflow. It’s a forum/newsletter/IM… thing. Which is cool, because humans are by definition unformal.

There is this article on Operating System Principles which I found quite interesting, especially when it explains how Unix only has one quality amongst many OS can have. In other word, when Windows is dead, there’s still a lot of place for new OS to rise. Which is awesome. And terrifying ;)

I think I forgot some tabs on the other computer. Bah.

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