Openstack, Javascript, and lots of internet. yay.

This week has been full of Openstackery. I’ve done a workshop at Octopuce.

The same week, Openstack Grizzly has been released (exclusive install guide).

We studied the capacity to boot from volume which is definitely the solution we’re interested with on short and long term.

I’ve met a lot of projects which are coming in the openstack ecosystem. Namely the Opscode chef tool for openstack, called Knife. There’s also GlusterFS, an opensource distributed file system, which was available as a plugin and is now fully part of the solution.

On the front of Flash players, we studied the Dynamic HTTP method from the OSMF which is open source action script. The GPAC Project offers apparently some cool functionalities with this tech. On the other hand, I just noticed Flash attempts to bundle Kaspersky crap with its updates. This is not serious AT ALL. The flash ship is sinking fast and things are going to become VERY interesting in the next 2 years.

Manadatory Javascript links : The Super Hero site gathers a lot of resources about the creation of javascript web apps. There’s A LOT of good things in there.

Weboob is an awesome web crawler with provided modules. Super easy to get your bank info without the hassle.

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