Just, you know, links.

As I’ve been setting up a Zend Framework 2 test bed, I fought a bit against dependency injection and the service manager. This video has a nice explanation about the first, and this blog entry explains well the second.

Tus.io is a new resumable uploads project, which is pretty cool. Basically makes a HEAD request to know how much has been uploaded (request-range) and starts from that. The protocol is here : http://www.tus.io/protocols/resumable-upload.html

Some news on the front of JS frameworks. This is an interesting comparison between Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember. All seem pretty even, but the PROs and CONs are quite worth a read. This tutorial for EmberJS is interesting for those interested. Too bad the author didn’t leave more aside the HTML boilerplate, but hey.

The unicode table is huge. I’m glad this site offers a neat interface for searching it.

As I’m working on git tutorials, I found this Git tip of the week serie. Some of these are downright awesome.

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