Pretty late on dropping the bass links. But finally, a new collection.

Quartz is a very interesting information media with a stripped down UX that works pretty well thanks to responsive design.

Soluto laptop comparison is interesting because it’s based on hardware defects returns. Surprizing results. Must see before buying new laptop.

The NET API checklist is a quite interesting guideline for API builders. This article is worth reading as well.

The new Firefox OS partners presentation page is very well thought up and has a neat scrolldown set of features that catches the eye.

The UI-Patterns site offers awesome references for everything interface related.

The Why go? article explains, well, why go will work in the future for web service server-side and why we should use it. Honestly, I’m not that convinced but for charge heavy sites, it could be a good thing on the long term.

Derived from this article, two interesting links.

A JS framework that might be worth digging more. Asana Lula is a reactive framework, complete presentation here and a general overview there.

An organizer application called Trello. It’s free for all, and based on an interesting stack explained here.

10 Usability Heuristics offers a very good set of things you should do or avoid in user interface.

A Collection of Page Transitions is a very cool demo of slides transitions based on CSS transformations. Damn Effective. Here is the article detailing the tech.

As we’re moving to Symfony2, it’s good to see there is a tool to check your dependancies vulnerabilities

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