Lots of android these days.

The TextSecure app for android offers an interesting alternative to clear text SMS as you can use cryptographically enhanced SMS for validated contacts, an operation done through QRCodes. It has an impressive code base, worth digging though a bit deprecated by now.

2 libraries for Android projects AndroidView and theUltimateAndroidLibrary offering a lot of nice interface widgets / frameworks.

OpenCV for Android is very promising though getting it to run doesn’t look like a walk in the park. Still, once you’re all set, there shall be awesomeness.

Working on Octocam I’m stumbling on the usual videostreaming troubles. I found this video from Google I/O 2013 quite interesting regarding the WebM, the VP8 codec and video streaming in general. About the specific MP4 troubles, and especially the moov part being messy and ffmpeg being lost, Fabien Sanglard’s blog entry was quite useful.

Finally, the GNU page related to all the licences and how they compare is extremely interesting.

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