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ind.ie manifesto

Your tools shouldn’t spy on you.

Our fundamental freedoms and democracy are under threat from the monopoly of a business model called corporate surveillance.

As concerned individuals and organisations, we are working to change this status quo by shifting the ownership and control of consumer technology and data from corporations to individuals.

To achieve this goal, we will create new organisations that are independent, sustainable, design-led, and diverse.

We will use these organisations to create a new category of consumer products that are beautiful, free, social, accessible, secure, and distributed.

We call this new category of technology ‘Independent Technology’.

We are tackling a societal problem that cannot be solved by technology alone but which also cannot be solved without the creation of viable technological alternatives. To tackle this societal problem, we must have a diverse, interdisciplinary base. We must be politically and socially active. We must avoid the pitfalls of technological determinism. We must be critical in our approach. And we must be accessible to a mainstream audience.

We will build Independent Technology to enable all people, regardless of technical capability, to own and control their tools and data.

We will build Independent Technology to protect our fundamental freedoms and democracy.

Here’s to a beautiful, free, and independent future.

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