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HTML5 video fallback by Marko Mugonjic

What are html5 video players Short answer They let you use the new Video API for audio&video files in the browser. Long answer A few years ago the one and only solution was Flash to display videos on the Net. Flash has therefore a lot of good features by now but one has to admit   Read More …

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internet by sven seiler - creative commons @ flickr

Just, you know, links.

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CC by Tory Brown @flicker

Following this article on the right way to sort users ratings I’m digging the Wilson score interval related to Binomial proportion confidence evaluation algorithm. I think I remember Google uses this kind of algorithms for maps, as the roads need some tweaking to match the map. This article/ has more info on that

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internet-on-and-off by Altermark

Openstack, Javascript, and lots of internet. yay.

camera by Kelly Hofer

We use FFMpeg a lot. I stumbled on an article about the guy who wrote it when the article link appeared on HN (how original) a month ago. Fabrice Bellard really has an amazing track. Not only did he write FFMPEG, but also QEMU, along with pi calculation and tiny c compiler. Two recent projects   Read More …

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By foltzwerk David Foltz

Nécessaire en local, le débugger xdebug est prévu pour fonctionner en distant, ce qui m’a demandé pas mal de tripatouillage pour le faire fonctionner. Détails.

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Took some time to find these back. Couldn’t find the original gist though

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Je deviens maniaque avec l’âge. Depuis un certain temps je code en PHP avec une règle supplémentaire concernant les tabulations. J’aime que les assignations de variables soient toutes alignées ex : … $form = new Application_Form_Groupes(); if ($this->getRequest()->isPost()) { $request = $this->getRequest()->getPost(); if (isset($request[“goto”])) { $goto = $request[‘goto’]; unset($request[“goto”]); } … Ce qui ressemble un   Read More …

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