Pretty late on dropping the bass links. But finally, a new collection.

Just, you know, links.

Following this article on the right way to sort users ratings I’m digging the Wilson score interval related to Binomial proportion confidence evaluation algorithm. I think I remember Google uses this kind of algorithms for maps, as the roads need some tweaking to match the map. This article/ has more info on that

Openstack, Javascript, and lots of internet. yay.

Une présentation d’openstack pour débutants

Again a good bit of JS, plus some video stuff.

We use FFMpeg a lot. I stumbled on an article about the guy who wrote it when the article link appeared on HN (how original) a month ago. Fabrice Bellard really has an amazing track. Not only did he write FFMPEG, but also QEMU, along with pi calculation and tiny c compiler. Two recent projects   Read More …

Lots of cool this week.

Nécessaire en local, le débugger xdebug est prévu pour fonctionner en distant, ce qui m’a demandé pas mal de tripatouillage pour le faire fonctionner. Détails.

Interesting startup ahead Un heroku à la française ! Cool